Since 1888, the tradition of Abruzzo Bitters has been alive with Jannamaro, a tradition that spans generations.

Our History – Liquors since 1888

The history of Ival and its Abruzzo bitters is rooted as far back as 1888, when Francesco Iannamico began trying different blends, putting together roots, herbs, and essential oils.

From these early experiments comes a bitter liqueur with a balanced, yet intense and aromatic flavor that differs well from the usual cordial. From these early experiments came Jannamaro and the Iannamico family’s liquor tradition, which became an iconic name. Tradition destined to renew and progress over time.

The basis of Jannamaro’s history is Francesco Iannamico’s secret recipe, which will be handed down and preserved over four generations, thanks also to the important work done by Francesco’s son Giovanni in the immediate postwar period and his then very young son Bruno, who over the years will lead the company to grow and become a benchmark among Italian liqueurs.

An ancient recipe that has conquered the domestic and foreign markets

Today, as then, the Iannamico family, with Bruno together with his sons, continues to produce the famous liqueur ” Jannamaro” in Fara Filiorum Petri, a small town in the heart of Abruzzo at the foot of the Maiella Mountains. Grandfather Francis’ ancient recipe has been carefully guarded and over time elaborated to bring that historic liquor closer to modern times.

Our philosophy

A recipe that has never changed in its ingredients and continues to please and give prestige to the company and all its new products, receiving numerous awards.