Liquors since 1888

Strong in the past and proud of the present, Ival passes on its passion and love for its land in each of its bottles. For more than 130 years, he has been working with the same methods: he chooses the best raw materials, the freshest, strictly seasonal, pure and simple as nature offers; with perseverance and dedication Ival follows the product from birth to bottling to ensure unique products for the consumer.

Jannamaro, unique flavor

Made according to an ancient recipe that expertly combines citrus and selected herbs. Pleasant and fresh taste, identifiable in its structure to the character of the Abruzzi people. It continues to be enjoyed today as it was then because of its unique quality and flavor.

Dominic Scott

Traditional of Abruzzo

In Fara Filiorum Petri, a small town in the heart of Abruzzo, the Iannamico family is dedicated to the production of other typical local bitters. Traditional recipes include Gentian, ratafia, and Centerbe, timeless flavors that represent sip after sip of a region, its people, and its history. These are then joined by Jannapunch, designed as a tonic and digestive, with its orange and tangerine versions.

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